Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

What are Dapps?

What are Dapps?

Decentralized applications (dapps) are computer applications that consist of smart contracts, or programmed self-executing agreements, that are commonly built, stored and run on the ethereum blockchain.

Unlike most web and mobile applications, which are operated by companies using proprietary software, dapps are open source, and rely on disintermediation, where instead of relying on a company like eBay or Uber to match buyers and sellers of goods and services, you can connect with them directly, peer to peer.

Smart contract functionalities enable dapps to provide automated transactions, which often rely on the use of the dapp’s native token as a payment mechanism to enable access to and rewards from using the application. This incentive structure motivates contributors, maintainers and participants of that dapp’s ecosystem.

The industries and services that these dapps are disrupting extends far beyond financial services and payments, including entertainment, social networking, identity management, advertising, cloud computing, file sharing, the internet of things and even artificial intelligence.

Dapps aren’t limited to ethereum’s blockchain either and are also being built and run on bitcoin’s blockchain by companies such as Rootstock.

Gatecoin has been an early supporter of the most promising dapps by underwriting their token sales and then listing the tokens on our exchange.

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