To All Creditors of Gatecoin Limited (In Compulsory Liquidation) (“Gatecoin”)

We refer to our appointment as Joint and Several Liquidators of Gatecoin (“Liquidators”) pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region dated 20 March 2019.

Among other things, the responsibilities of the Liquidators include identifying, taking control of, securing and realising the assets of Gatecoin and to carry out such investigations as the Liquidators may consider appropriate.

To date, the Liquidators have secured and taken control of a substantial portion of Gatecoin’s cryptocurrencies which are identifiable based on the information available to the Liquidators.

The Liquidators’ primary focus at this stage of the liquidation remains to be securing and taking control of all assets of Gatecoin and establishing its liabilities due to the creditors.

The Liquidators are considering the appropriate mean to provide Gatecoin’s customers with details of their account balance with Gatecoin based on the information available to the Liquidators and the Liquidators will provide an update in this regard in the next two to three weeks.

The Liquidators will provide further update to the creditors as and when appropriate.

Jocelyn Chi and Anson Li
Joint and Several Liquidators
Gatecoin Limited